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There are 113 school districts and approximately 30 charter schools in the state of Idaho. 

A Board of Trustees whose duties, responsibilities, and obligations are identified by the Idaho statutes that govern such entities.  

Because school boards are public entities, the school boards are subject to the Idaho Open Meeting Statutes, Competitive Bidding Statutes, Ethics in Government Statutes and a myriad of other governmental statutes and regulations. 

Both federal and state must be followed by the Board.  

Over the years, the education attorneys, Anderson Julian & Hull LLP have assisted many schools boards in working their way through the maze of various state and federal statutes, with regard to specific disputes with the goal of avoiding litigation.

Board trustees and the chairman of such school boards will find that the education attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are fully cognizant of the various federal and state statutes and are adept at providing timely, practical and common sense approaches to help solve the multitude of issues that may arise.

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