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Under both Idaho and federal law, it is unlawful to discriminate against a person based on their age, race, gender or religious beliefs. 

During the past several years, Idaho has seen an increase in the number of claims of discrimination, both in the private sector and from employees of governmental entities.  

Before bringing a lawsuit for discrimination under both federal law and the Idaho Human Rights Act, a claimant must file a claim with the Idaho Human Rights Commission or the EEOC so that the claim can be investigated.

The employment attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull have assisted numerous clients in addressing the investigations by the IHRC and EEOC.

Since those investigations often involve employee interviews and the preparation and submission of pertinent documents, the experienced attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull excel at preparing appropriate written responses that help document and explain the employer’s actions.  

The employment attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull also provide tips and hints to the employers, managers and other personnel as to how to honestly and adequately respond to the questions by the investigators and assist the employers with the entire investigative process. 

Because IHRC and EEOC investigations sometimes lead to lawsuits, the employment attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are fully cognizant of the potential litigation and provide valuable insight and advice to account for that possible litigation.  

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