Wrongful Death

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When defending a governmental entity from a claim of personal injury and/or wrongful death, knowledge of the Idaho Tort Claims Act is essential.

Additionally, knowledge of Idaho’s Non-Economic Cap Statute is imperative. Fortunately, the governmental attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are keenly aware of the Idaho Tort Claims Act, the cap on non-economic damages and other affirmative defenses that may apply.

Since the attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull have been involved in governmental litigation for a number of years, they are able to readily identify potential defenses and recognize the risks and pitfalls that may arise in litigation.

The government attorneys at Anderson, Julian & Hull can provide an appropriate evaluation of the case based upon the facts and circumstances. If the matter proceeds to trial, they are equally capable of providing the jury and/or the Court, a cohesive, cogent argument that advances the interests of the client.

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