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With more than 98,000 miles of roads in Idaho, be it a freeway, highway, city street or dirt-jeep trail — there are a great number of places for vehicle accidents to occur. 

The attorneys at Anderson, Julian & Hull have tried every kind of auto accident case imaginable: rear-end accidents, slide-offs, multiple car collisions, and accidents involving dust storms, snowstorms, and drunk drivers.

The automobile/personal injury attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are fully experienced in defending and litigating these types of claims and more. 

Our attorneys have repeatedly been involved with and participated in trials concerning legal issues involving comparative fault, traffic or “rules of the road” statutes, damage claims, statutory damage caps and punitive damages.

They have tried cases involving combines, farm machinery, boats, ATVs, UTV’s, scooters, motorcycles and bicycles.

When you need experience, rest assured your case would not be their “first trip around the block”. 

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 Clients appreciate working with Anderson, Julian and Hull because the firm is experienced, efficient and affordable. We have a well-vetted recipe for delivering results in mediation and in the courtroom.


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