Trucking Accidents

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As Idaho’s economy has become more robust, more people have moved into the state. The number and frequency of trucking accidents have also increased.

Such trucking accidents involve long-haul truckers, harvesting trucks, farm trucks, farm equipment, and intrastate and interstate delivery services.  

Regardless of the type of truck involved, the trucking/personal injury attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are well familiar with interstate trucking regulations, drivers’ logs, drug testing requirements and the risks that trucking companies and their drivers face on a daily basis.

Thus, if your case involves an accident in downtown Boise, Interstate 84, or a rural road in Idaho, our trucking/personal injury attorneys are ready.

Willing and able to assist you with their years of experience in the courtroom, mediations and/or arbitrations.

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 Clients appreciate working with Anderson, Julian and Hull because the firm is experienced, efficient and affordable. We have a well-vetted recipe for delivering results in mediation and in the courtroom.


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