Architect and Engineer Malpractice

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The professional malpractice attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull understand the sentiment and pride that architects and engineers take in their work.

Our malpractice attorneys have extensive knowledge about the construction industry, construction practices and the job requirements for both architects and engineers.

Such knowledge and experience clearly qualifies them to represent these professionals.

Our attorneys are skilled at analyzing and comprehending the technical information involved in the complex world of architects and engineers.

Their experience allows them to explain to a jury the significance and meaning of changes orders, special terms, symbols on drawings in a manner that jurors can understand.

As a practical matter, Anderson, Julian & Hull is the firm to contact when an architect or engineer needs a professional malpractice attorney.

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 Clients appreciate working with Anderson, Julian and Hull because the firm is experienced, efficient and affordable. We have a well-vetted recipe for delivering results in mediation and in the courtroom.


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