Attorney and Accountant Malpractice

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The professional malpractice attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull have been involved in numerous malpractice lawsuits, defending both attorneys and accountants.

This experience allows them to thoroughly examine the various documents, letters, correspondence and financial records.

As well as explaining them to a jury so that the jurors can fully understand the information that was available to the attorney and/or accountant at the time of the event in question.

The years of courtroom experience enables the talented professional malpractice attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull to skillfully condense, consolidate and explain the information, making it comprehensible to both the court and the jury.

The bottom line is that the firm of Anderson, Julian & Hull should be contacted when accountants and attorneys need a professional malpractice attorney.

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 Clients appreciate working with Anderson, Julian and Hull because the firm is experienced, efficient and affordable. We have a well-vetted recipe for delivering results in mediation and in the courtroom.


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