Psychiatric/Counselor Malpractice

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The professional malpractice attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull have been involved in numerous cases involving licensed counselors and/or psychiatrists. 

Regardless of whether the case is in Idaho district court or an administrative board, the trial experience of the attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull is a definite strategic advantage for the clients and the carrier.

Such cases typically involve the mental, social or emotional well-being of the (former) patient.

The utilization, reliance, and familiarity with the codes of ethics for each of those respective professions needs to be understood, comprehended and utilized in the defense of the professionals. 

The attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are able to combine the underlying factual issues with the appropriate rules and regulations to present a favorable argument for licensed professionals.

Psychiatrists and counselors in need of a professional malpractice attorney need to look no further than Anderson, Julian & Hull.

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 Clients appreciate working with Anderson, Julian and Hull because the firm is experienced, efficient and affordable. We have a well-vetted recipe for delivering results in mediation and in the courtroom.


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