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Veterinarians, particularly in a rural state like Idaho, have a very diverse clientele. The defense of a veterinarian requires a unique combination of litigation skills, combined with knowledge of zoology, animal husbandry and/or biology at the litigation, which is similar to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Regardless if the animal is simply an asset to the business or a “member of the family”, there has been an increase in the number of claims or suits against veterinarians.

The professional malpractice attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull have been involved in cases with large dairies and household pets. Each case requires the attorney to review the fact  s, circumstances and treatment provided and create and present a comprehensible, reasonable and understandable description of the events to a jury or administrative board for consideration.

The years of litigation experience of the professional malpractice attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull demonstrates that they are particularly adept at navigating this unique area of the law.

Veterinarians in need of a professional malpractice attorney can trust the knowledgeable, effective and experienced attorneys at Anderson, Julian & Hull to fully and competently present their defense.

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